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Major new facilities are coming to the NanoCenter - stay tuned

The FabLab is a state-of-art research cleanroom in the Kim Building for nano- and micro-fabrication to support research programs in nano science and technology, microelectromechanical systems, semiconductors, materials and devices for electronics, bioscience and bioengineering, and sensor/actuator systems.  Equipment from three existing microfabrication laboratories as well as a substantial complement of new equipment will be consolidated in the FabLab, which will be a prime focus of fabrication activity within the NanoCenter.  The FabLab suite also includes space for exploratory processing, characterization, teaching, and support functions.

To see the relation of the FabLab to the Kim Building, go to the Kim Building page.

FabLab cleanroom 2310 The FabLab is the primary cleanroom in Maryland NanoCenter. A large class 1000 facility, it contains processing equipment for lithography, deposition, etching, planarization, and other operations essential to fabrication of micro- and nano- structures. The FabLab also includes auxiliary spaces for exploratory processes, teaching microfabrication methods, support equipment, characterization, and operations.
Exploratory area 2316 The exploratory area of the FabLab is a class 100,000 area for use of exploratory materials and processes, involving equipment which is highly specialized for research or does not require the cleanliness of the FabLab cleanroom.
SubFab The SubFab contains support equipment for the FabLab cleanroom (DI water system, acid waste treatment, gas sources, etc.) and the processing equipment in it (e.g., pumps), as well as space for some exploratory research equipment.
Teaching cleanroom 2300 The Teaching cleanroom in the FabLab complex contains process equipment for use by laboratory-based courses aimed at fabrication processes and device structures. Lab courses also take advantage of some equipment in the main cleanroom.
SEM room 2310C Instruments in the SEM room enables characterization of device structures being fabricated in the FabLab cleanroom.
Materials handling room 2312A The materials handling room provides for organized management of the extensive materials and consumables used in the FabLab.
FabLab control room 2304 The FabLab's control room provides equipment and safety monitoring systems in a central location for FabLab staff to oversee activities and operations.
Gowning area 2302 The gowning area supplies cleanroom garments for users of the FabLab.

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