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NanoOptics Lab is Open!

The NanoCenter's newest lab is now operational! The NanoOptics Lab has a new NT-MDT SPM with confocal raman spectroscopy, a Horiba Imaging Spectrometer allowing for flexible experiement setups, and a Shimadzu FTIR Spectrometer.

Start the process of becoming a user and contact NanoOptics Lab Director, Jim O'Connor (301-405-5018) to discuss the details of your project.


Our new scanning probe microscope includes Raman capabilities and can handle wet, electrochemical, and biological samples.

We have a set of standard tips but you can bring in compatible tips to server your needs.

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Shimadzu FTIR

The Shimadzu IR Prestige FTIR spectromer is brand new and includes an accomodating sample holder to allow users a wide variety of sample types and positions.

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The Lab is Operational

The lab is now fully operational and will be performing experiments and runs for users during an extended calibration period.


Director Dr. Jim O'Connor
Office: 301-405-5018, 2212 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225

Using the Lab

If you are interested in using the instruments in the lab please complete the steps on the Become a User page. Additionally, introduce yourself to Dr. O'Connor and discuss your project. This will allow him to understand your needs and tailor the instruments for the best results.


0202A Energy Research Facility

We are located first floor of the Energy Research Facility Building #223, also known as the IREAP building


Currently by appointment only.

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