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The FabLab is a Class 1000 research cleanroom located in the Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building. The lab supports research and development programs in nano science and technology, micro-electromechanical systems, semiconductors, materials and devices for electronics, bioscience and bioengineering, and sensor/actuator systems. FabLab is open to users from across the university community as well as government and industry.

Classes in FabLab

The FabLab is not only used for work and research. We have a growing number of classes utilizing this state of the art facility giving students hands on experience learning the processes and techniques used to make our electronics and devices.

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Using the lab

If you are interested in using the instruments in the lab please complete the steps on the Become a User page. Additionally, introduce yourself to the FabLab staff and discuss your project. This will allow us to understand your needs and develop a plan for your work or research.


The Main FabLab is open 24/7 with restricted after hours access between 8:00pm - 7:00am.

The Teaching Lab schedule will be posted once the current semester class schedule is completed.

Acknowledging NanoCenter and FabLab

The NanoCenter and FabLab need your help! Acknowledging the support given by the NanoCenter in your presentations and publications help us out tremendously.

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Mon, Oct 10, 2017

The 633, 532 and 785 wavelengths are working on the Raman Labram HR 800 in the Fablab


Woollam Ellipsometer is in vertical mode


The Raith will be limited to a maximum of 20 kV accelerating voltage until March 5, 2018 while the new tip settles in.


PECVD low frequency generator out for repair. All nitride processes including low stress are off-line. The SiO2 and a-si are on-line using the high frequency generator.


Atomate nano wire growth system off-line. Pump failure.


Laurell Spinner is for SU-8 ONLY and with proper use. Improper material and use has caused failure resulting in over $1000 repair cost this month.


All Denton and Angstrom users. When using Gold please note in comments section the amount of materiel being used for charging purposes and so that other users know the Gold crucible is in use and can plan accordingly.


ALD is back on-line!


The Hitachi S3400N in FabLab has a new low vacuum secondary detector for imaging non conductive samples.


Posted 02/22/18 Tystar LP Nitride tube pump is out for repair. Scheduled pump delivery the week of 03/05/18


The STS is down due to a water leak

FabLab Contact Information


2302 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building

Important Contacts
Jim O'Connor301-405-5018
John Abrahams301-405-6664
Jon Hummel301-405-5017
Tom Loughran301-405-3642
Mark Lecates301-405-5197

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