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The AIM Lab is dedicated to the characterization of the structure and composition of a broad spectrum of hard and soft materials and biological systems with nanometer resolution. These capabilities are used for research, and the teaching and training of students. The research performed in the laboratory is focused on the characterization of materials and structures in the areas of biomaterials, multifunctional and smart materials, nanostructured materials, nanodevices and geological materials.

Using the lab

If you are interested in using the instruments in the lab please complete the steps on the Become a User page. Additionally, introduce yourself to the AIMLab staff and discuss your project. This will allow us to understand your needs and develop a plan for your work or research.

Acknowledging NanoCenter and AIM Lab

The NanoCenter and AIMLab need your help! Acknowledging the support given by the NanoCenter in your presentations and publications help us out tremendously.

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Current hours are:
8:00am - 6:00pm
Monday - Friday



2023 Winter Short Courses:
SEM - Jan. 10-13
TEM - Jan. 17-20
FIB - Feb. 7-10
For more information, visit the 2023 Winter Short Course page.


The final installation of the new Bruker EDS attached on JEOL 2100 FEG TEM/STEM has been completed successfully. With the team effort of JEOL, Gatan and Bruker, the JEOL 2100 FEG TEM/STEM is fully functional and in great working condition.

The new Bruker EDS system on both Hitachi-SU-70 SEM and JEOL 2100 FEG TEM/STEM has the most modern processor, large detector and newest version of software.

AIMLab Contact Information


1237 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building


Wen-An Chiou

Director, AIM Lab

301-405-0541 (office)
1234 Jeong H. Kim Bldg. #225

Philip Piccoli

Senior Research Scientist

301-405-6966 (office)
1109 Geology Building
University of Maryland

Sz-Chian Liou

Research Associate (Electron Microscopist)

301-405-0551 (office)
1237A Jeong H. Kim Bldg.

Colleges A. James Clark School of Engineering
The College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

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