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The JEM 2100 FE-TEM, a field-emission gun transmission electron microscope, is a state-of-the-art and fully equipped ultra-high resolution analytical TEM that is capable of providing high spatial resolution atomic imaging and microstructure analysis of material samples.

This microscope uses a high-brightness and high-coherence electron beam to carry out ultra-high resolution microchemical analysis using its attached energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer (EDS) and electron energy loss spectrometer (EELS). The 2100 FEG-TEM is also equipped with a scanning image observation device, thus becoming a so-called scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM). This enables researchers to observe and investigate samples in a scanning mode that further expands its applications; for instance, to acquire a material's chemical composition from a small point or a line profile, or to reveal elemental distribution maps.

This FEG-TEM is also equipped with a Gatan imaging filter that comes with sophisticated software covering all aspects of energy-filtered imaging and energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS). Energy-filtering is a powerful technique that can dramatically improve image contrast and resolution in the TEM as well as quickly obtain highly sensitive elemental maps of materials. By contrast, energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) is capable of producing electron images from only a narrow range of energies.


The JEOL 2100F Field-Emission TEM has a biprism installed which allows users to perform electron holography, an interferometry technique that produces images of both the amplitude and (quantum-mechanical) phase of the electron wave produced by the specimen. This allows users to obtain a wealth of information that is normally difficult to obtain by other means, such as the electric and magnetic fields inside the specimen, as well as the mean inner potential, including any shifts in the valence potential due to chemical doping (as in semiconductor electronics).

Location AIM Lab | 1237D Kim Eng. Bldg.
Manufacturer JEOL JEM-2100 FEG
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