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XeF2 (xenon difluoride) isotropic silicon etching is particularly well suited to MEMS applications. XeF2 vapor phase etching exhibits nearly infinite selectivity of silicon to photo-resist, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride and aluminum. Being a vapor phase etchant, XeF2 avoids many of the problems typically associated with wet processes.

To use the etcher, simply place your wafer, die, or other structure into the etch chamber, close the lid, set the etching conditions, and press start on the software. The details of the process sequence are captured in the control software, and the user just has to set target etch conditions.

The XactiX xenonn difluoride etcher is used to release MEMs structures. XeF2 shows nearly infinite selectivity to silicon over almost all standard semiconductor materials including photoresist, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride and aluminum.

Location FabLab | ETCH Tunnel
Manufacturer Xactix
Staff Contact JonathanJonathan Hummel
301 405-5017
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