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Back to Equipment List Photoresist Spin Station- Right- FABLAB-PWM32-Programable
Description PHOTORESISTS ONLY PLEASE Other polymeric materials, spin on glasses, etc. should be coated using the Polymer Spin Station in the Exploratory Lab. Use appropriately-sized vacuum hold down chucks for the size of your sample. All of the vacuum holes must be covered by the sample. Failure to do so may cause your sample to fly off and break and/or allow polymers to get inside of the chuck which results in a major cleaning effort by our staff. Working with wet chemicals can be hazardous if you don’t follow the proper procedures at all times. Violating procedure risks not only your health but also the health and safety of other users and may result in loss of access to FabLab for an extended period of time. DO:
  • Read and understand the Materials Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) for all of the chemicals you will be using. Copies are in a binder in the Change Room or you can find them online at or from the vendor. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment at all times, including double gloves, lab coat, booties and safety glasses. Keep the sash at or below the marks on the side of the bench. Long-term storage of photoresist may be left in the back of the spinner bench only with the prior approval of FabLab staff. All containers must be labeled with a description of the photoresist, a date, name of user and a phone number/email address. Collect all used photoresist in a properly labeled container for disposal. If in doubt, ask FabLab staff for assistance. Wipe off the bench top with a damp wipe when finished. Remove and properly dispose of outer gloves when done. DO NOT: Put your head inside of the wet bench. Sit down in front of the wet bench. Fail to use personal protective equipment. Walk away from the wet bench without cleaning up your mess. Leave the lab when using the hot plate. Leave unlabeled containers in the hood. Under any circumstances, use acids/caustics/developer in this bench Have more than 2 people working at the same time.
  • Location FabLab | Photo Tunnel
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