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Dr. Gary Rubloff

Dr. Gary W. Rubloff

Dr. Rubloff is the founding director of the Maryland NanoCenter which he began in 2004. He is a Minta Martin Professor of Engineering, with a joint appointment in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Institute for Systems Research.

Rubloff's research has included solid state physics, surface physics and chemistry, interfaces, semiconductor materials and processing science and technology, process diagnostics and modeling, manufacturing science, and combinatorial materials science. His current research is focused on nanostructures for energy applications, atomic layer deposition, and biofabrication involving soft materials and microfluidics. He received the AVS Gaede-Langmuir Prize in 2000, has published well over 200 papers, and holds 24 patents.


Message From the Director

Both nano and the NanoCenter have changed markedly since we started the NanoCenter in 2004. Spurred by the excitement of nanoscience, a wide range of "nanoconstructs" have paved the way to new domains of science, technology, and applications, enabled by advances in instrumentation and processing that allow us to synthesize, manipulate and measure on tiny length scales. In important areas from nanoparticle-based medical therapies to nanostructures for energy, the integration of nanotechnologies into systems is already pointing the way to genuine societal and economic benefit.

The NanoCenter plays a multifaceted and effective role in exploiting what nano has to offer. We are fortunate to have an infrastructure (FabLab clean room, AIMLab microscopy suites, and related facilities) and highly skilled technical staff that enable top-notch research advances by our faculty and students, as well as outside users. The Center stimulates and enables the development of major Federally-funded research programs across the campus, and functions as a central gateway for outsiders to the scientific talents of more than 80 faculty research groups.

We welcome your interest and collaboration with the NanoCenter.

History behind the Minta Martin Professorship

Aviation pioneer Glenn L. Martin, founder of the Martin Aircraft Company, was pivotal in the development of the University of Maryland aerospace engineering program, which now consistently ranks in the top 10 among aerospace engineering departments in the country.

In 1944, in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Engineering at Maryland, Martin made a gift of $1.7 million (current endowment value $59.4 million) to the university to establish instruction and research in the aeronautical sciences. A second gift of $800,000, named in honor of Martin's mother, Minta Martin, was made the following year. Today this endowment is a major source of research funding for faculty, staff, and students in the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

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