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NanoCenter Facility Rates Effective January 1, 2024

In accordance with State of Maryland and federal regulations, the Maryland NanoCenter undergoes a periodic review of rates charged. Our rates must cover the cost of operating and maintaining the facilities. We have always been able to give you low rates to cover the expense of purchasing and running the equipment you need. Our long-term planning process maintains capital equipment and enables a strong working system. We know you appreciate our very qualified and professional staff, as well as our easy-to-use reservation and billing website.

Since FY 09, our rates have increased only about 7% on average over all lab instruments. After a lengthy review by the Sponsored Program Accounting and Compliance (SPAC) team, our lab rates are being adjusted to account for increased operating and maintenance costs due to significant inflation worldwide. While this increase will be higher than our historic rate changes, we will remain more than competitive with other top-ranked and local institutions.

Included here is a summary of the new rates. As a federal service center at an academic institution, we charge only those rates which allow us to cover a part of our operational costs. This change will take effect on January 1, 2024. Until that time, the current rates will remain unchanged. Please take note of the adjustment and include it in your planning budgets and proposals.

Current Rates

Tool UMD External Non-Profit / University Small Commercial / MTECH Large Commercial
Process Tools 81 126 166 242
Raith E-Beam 47 73 103 182
Hitachi SEM 27 42 63 133
Porosimeter (analysis tools) 20 31 51 74
Backside Tools 28 44 64 150
Inspection 43 67 97 176
Staff Technical Assistance Time 40 62 66 79
AIM Lab Tools
Hitachi SU-70 FEG SEM 52 81 132 182
JEM 2100 LaB6 TEM 47 73 132 182
JEM 2100 FEG TEM/STEM 66 103 198 273
JXA 8900R Microprobe 35 55 132 182
Tescan GAIA/XEIA FEG SEM 52 81 132 182
Tescan GAIA/XEIA FIB/SEM 102 159 198 273
Technical Time 40 62 66 79
Holders and Sample Prep 28 44 55 80

All rates in are in $/hour.

Rates are determined by the type of organization from which the funds are paid.

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