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The Many Strands of Nano Research

Nanotechnology demands attention from nearly all facets of science research. Much of the research done today essentially requires the combined application of fundamental aspects of many disciplines including physics, optics, and chemistry to name a few. Below is an every growing list we see nano research branching towards.

Designer Nanomaterials

New materials promise major advances across the spectrum of nano applications, as techniques created through nano research enable atom-scale control for materials design and assembly targeting desired properties.

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Nano for Energy

Nano science and technology offers the paradigm shifts needed for major changes in energy capture, conversion, and storage and in stewardship of the environment.

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Nano-bio science and technology

Opportunities to dramatically enhance biomedical technology drive strong partnerships between biology and engineering experts in search for novel techniques and applications.

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Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics

Electronic devices at the nanoscale follow rules of quantum physics where atomic- and sub-atomic interactions can have properties and behaviors that are anti-intuitive and unsuspecting.

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Understanding and Preserving Signs of Our History

The intersection between scaling in size and scaling in time can be found under surprising circumstances, as evidenced here at the University of Maryland NanoCenter.

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Fundamental Science at the Nanoscale

The NanoCenter community includes a strong focus on fundamental science enabled particularly by advances in experimental techniques and increasingly by computational sciences.

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Micro- and Nano-systems

Where MEMS meet NEMS? MicroElectroMechanical systems as a powerful research platform for small devices offer opportunities for nanoscale constructs here at the NanoCenter.

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Reliability, reproducibility, economical feasibility are just some of the key components in designer nanoscale materials intended for industrial and manufacturing applications. What are we looking for?

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