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NanoDay 2014 will feature plenary talks by prominent scientists in nanoscience, a poster session for breaking research, and networking opportunities. The next two days are the Electron Microscopy Workshop days. Set for June 11-13, we expect about 250 scientists, engineers and researchers from government laboratories, industrial corporations and universities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Poster session topics

Mon. April 21, 2015

Submitting a poster? NanoDay's poster session will feature seven categories. Posters will be judged for originality, quality and newsworthiness. Register here and submit your abstract here.

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Mon. April 14, 2015

Registration is now open for NanoDay 2014. There is no fee to register.

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Tues. March 25, 2014

NanoDay 2014 is official! Please save the date, June 11, 2014 for the Maryland NanoCenter NanoDay.

Plenary Sessions

See Full Program

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Ichiro Takeuchi
Ichiro Takeuchi
University of Maryland

Combinatorial Approach to Materials Synthesis

Karin Rabe
Karin Rabe
Rutgers University

Age of Exploration: Materials Discovery in a Virtual World

Dawn Bonnell
Dawn Bonnell
Penn Engineering

Exploiting the (sometimes) Surprising Properties of Nanoscale Interfaces

Zhihong Nie
Zhihong Nie
University of Maryland

Harvesting the collective properties of nanoparticle ensembles for cancer theranostics

EM Workshops

See Workshop Agenda

Workshop Day 1 - June 12, 2014
  • Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy: Structure Determination and Chemistry on the Atomic Scale
  • Advanced Technologies on the New High Resolution CFE-SEM
  • TBA
  • He Ion Microscopy - from High Resolution to Nano Fabrication
  • TBA
  • Focused Electron and Ion Beam Induced Processes Verification by In situ Surface Sensing and Nanoprofilometry
  • Combined Micro-XRF and electron excited EDS in the SEM
  • Advanced Applications in EDS using Silicon Drift Detectors including Phase Mapping
  • IM4000 Broad Ion Beam System for SEM Sample Preparation
Workshop Day 2 - June 13, 2014
  • TBA
  • X-ray Microscopy for In Situ Characterization of 3D Microstructure Evolution in the Laboratory
  • TBA
  • In-situ TEM studies: Heat-treatment and Corrosion of Aluminium Alloys
  • Tools for in situ Electron Microscopy
  • Integrated EDS and EBSD Analysis - Including 3D Microanalysis
  • Zone SEM/TEM Tabletop Sample Cleaner for SEM/TEM Sample Preparation



The NISP Lab at the NanoCenter, University of Maryland, offers SEM, TEM and FIB short courses twice a year during winter (January) and summer (Mid-June to Mid-July) every year.

The upcoming series of SEM/TEM/FIB courses is tentatively scheduled for June 17 - July 3, 2014. Please check http://nisplab.umd.edu/ or contact wachiou@umd.edu or (301)-405-0541 for updated scheduling information or to sign up.


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