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How To Acknowledge

Suggested wording is given below for various situations. These are subject to change, so please check back if you are unsure.

In Presentations

Please include logos and/or names of these entities in the Acknowledgements slide of your presentations.

NanoCenter, FabLab, AIMLab logos


In Publications

All NanoCenter Members

"We acknowledge the support of the Maryland NanoCenter."

FabLab users

"We acknowledge the support of the Maryland NanoCenter and its FabLab."

AIMLab users

"We acknowledge the support of the Maryland NanoCenter and its AIMLab."

NSF-UMD-MRSEC-funded researchers

"This work has been supported by the UMD-NSF-MRSEC under grant DMR 05-20471."

LPS-funded researchers

"This work has been supported by the Laboratory for Physical Sciences."

(do not include any contract numbers)

Acknowledging NanoCenter and its Partners in Publications and Presentations

NanoCenter Members and their research groups have a responsibility to provide explicit acknowledgement in publications and presentations. Instructions for doing this are found to the right.

In addition, the long-term viability of the NanoCenter, the MRSEC, and other groups depends on tracking research output and acknowledgement for support. Therefore, we have created an entry page for you to provide publications and acknowledgement information. This can be done by any member of the research group, perhaps the first author on the publication would be best.

Click here to view the publications list.

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