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When is ENMA 181 Offered?

ENMA 181 is not offered every semester. Check Testudo schedule of classes to see when it is offered.


Nanotechnology is already becoming a central focus across many domains of engineering. It will increasingly affect our daily lives as applications emerge in medicine, energy and environment, defense and security, electronics, and materials. For undergraduates this has important consequences:

Your world will have nanotechnology everywhere. If your interests lie in engineering or science, nanotechnology will be a major factor in your career.


The content and organization of the course are chosen to achieve two goals:

1. to put into perspective the roles of various engineering and science disciplines in nano, so that students interested in the field can decide which major will best suit their interests

2. to provide the basis for students to decide if they want to pursue the Interdisciplinary Minor in Nanoscale Science and Technology

A one-credit introductory course to show you what NANOTECHNOLOGY means for your future.

ENMA 181 - Introduction to Nanotechnology is presented through the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, since materials is at the center of the nano science-engineering spectrum.

The course presents an introduction to nanoscale engineering and science for the novice - key concepts, where nano is today, and what we can expect from it in the future. The material is presented by leading nano researchers from various UMD departments, as well as some outside experts, capitalizing on the university's excellence in nano science and engineering. Their presentations will highlight the fundamental ideas and revolutionary applications of nano which will transform our world. Instructors will also provide a picture of what their research students do, the goals they seek, and what their lab facilities are like. The course includes real and virtual tours of the labs.

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