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Materials Science and Engineering
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UMD Researchers Seek to Improve 3D Microstructure Characterization at the Nanoscale
FIB/SEM utilized to perform nanotomography on solid oxide fuel cells.  More »

Novel Battery Cathode Design Inspired by Your Typical Cotton ‘T’
Research, conducted by Professor Liangbing Hu’s group, published in Advanced Materials.   More »

Clark School Researchers Recognized Among "World's Most Influential Scientific Minds"
Three Clark School faculty members have been named to Clarivate Analytics' 2017 Highly Cited Researchers list.  More »

MSE Grad Student Wins 1st Place in Poster Competition at Optics & Photonics Conference
Kunyi Zhang, advised by Prof Oded Rabin, was recognized for her work on the fabrication of metal nanostructure arrays.  More »

Organic Processes Inspire Technological Innovation
ChBE researchers develop self-healing battery chemistryMore »

Leite Group Creates Nano-sized Super-absorber, Published in Advanced Optical Materials
Such nanoscale devices could be used on sensors, photo-detectors, optical filters and radar technologies.  More »

Reducing the traffic jam in batteries
NEES researchers make solid ground toward better lithium-ion battery interfaces  More »

Leite Research Group’s Invited Review Published in ACS Energy
Nanoscale imaging required for next gen energy harvesting and storage systems.  More »

Li Named to Forbes' "30 Under 30" List
Clark School postdoc receives international recognition for her contributions to transparent wood.  More »

Mentors Needed for Women's Hackathon!
Provide guidance and insights for hardware and software projects  More »

UMD Researchers Develop Stable, Robust Li-ion Battery Chemistry
New battery created by Chunsheng Wang's group offers safety, durability and flexibility.   More »

Photo-Activated Pseudo-Solid Battery from UCLA in New Journal
Dunn’s ionogel work merits rave highlight  More »

UMD Researchers Work to Mitigate Water Scarcity Crisis with Solar-Powered Devices Made of Wood
Low-cost, enviro-friendly devices use natural nanoengineering  More »

10/9 is NanoDay
Two labs in Maryland embody spirit of NanoDay  More »

Empowering Voices in Engineering
Moving towards a more diverse and inclusive campus.  More »

MSE Students Selected as Finalists for the 2017 Collegiate Inventors Competition
Stretchable Silicon Photovoltaics is a new design for silicon solar cells.  More »

UMD Researchers Offer Solution to Volatile Battery Chemistry in Electronics
4.0V Water-Based Li-ion Batteries Achieved by ChBE Professor Chunsheng Wang's Research Group  More »

UMD Engineers Answer Questions about Record-Breaking Harvey, Flooding
National and local news outlets turned to University of Maryland engineers for their disaster expertise.  More »

UMD ECS Student Chapter receives national award
A record of excellence  More »

MSE Research Group’s Invited Perspective Published in ACS Energy Letters
Marina Leite and her team offer insight into the future of solar cell technology.  More »

Liangbing Hu Wins 2017 KINGFA Young Investigator Award
Hu was selected for this award based on several fronts of wood nanocellulose-based technologies.  More »

NEES Attends 2017 DOE EFRC-Hub-MCS PI Meeting
NEES gave talks, posters and won musical award  More »

UMD’s bio-compatible battery garners international coverage
One-of-a-kind device showcased for medical, scientific advances  More »

NEES Mentioned in Three Articles in EFRC Newsletter
DOE publication showcases NEES people and work  More »

UMD engineers invent the first bio-compatible, ion current battery
One-of-a-kind device stores electrons  More »

A Space Elevator: How Microscopic Materials Give Way to Big Ideas
MSE Professor Lourdes Salamanca-Riba offers an alternative to typical space transport.  More »

Eric Wachsman to Receive 2017 Wagner Memorial Award
Award will be presented at the 232nd ECS Meeting in October.  More »

MSE Research Reveals Unique Ionic Diffusion Mechanism in Super-Ionic Conductors  
Mo, He and Zhu devise an ‘ion transport highway’ for solid-state batteries.  More »

3D-Printed Evaporator is Sustainable Approach to Water Shortage
The evaporator uses solar energy to efficiently purify water.  More »

UMD Research Offers Insight into Structure of Cellular Membrane
Jeffrey Klauda's team uses computer simulation of soybean plasma membrane to further understand molecular behavior.  More »

Decade of TMV research leads to never-before-seen microsystems for energy storage, biosensors and self-sustaining systems
Long-term Ghodssi-Culver partnership has used the Tobacco mosaic virus as a biological nanoscaffold for groundbreaking devices.  More »

Peter Kofinas Will Serve as Next Chair of ChBE
Effective July 1, Sheryl Ehrman will depart for San Jose State University.  More »

New TMV supercapacitor work featured in Nanotechweb article
Zang, Chu, Gerasopoulos, Culver and Ghodssi developed a quick and simple new approach to create a supercapacitor with nanostructured electrodes.  More »

Gray Wins Dr. Mabel S. Spencer Award for Graduate Achievement
BIOE Ph.D. student recognized for efforts to develop therapies for diseases of the central nervous system.  More »

Lab Students' 'Creativity is Key'
Clark School's Functional Macromolecular Lab allows students to mold new ideas  More »

BIOE Researchers Develop New Technologies to Drive Next-Generation Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis
Jewell Lab members use quantum dots to define density of self-antigen display.  More »

UMD Engineering Gives Solar Decathlon Team a Competitive Edge
What if we told you that wood can be used to make a smart window that is more energy efficient than glass?  More »

Liangbing Hu Wins NANOLetters Young Investigator Award
Dr. Hu was selected for this award for his contributions to the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology.  More »

ChBE PhD Candidate Wins MRS Gold Award
Fudong Han focuses his research on improving the all-solid-state-battery.  More »

7th Annual Engineering Sustainability Day focuses on Energy Storage
This year's theme focused on energy storage -  pervasive message that we should promote and advocate for scientists and the science.  More »

Wood filter removes toxic dye from water
Hu, Das flow water through wood in new use of natural materials  More »

Sunbeams at the Nano-scale: the Next Generation of Solar Cells
Marina Leite and her team of researchers tackle hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites based on methylammonium lead.  More »

UMERC’s Liangbing Hu pitches transparent wood technology at 2017 ARPA-E Innovation Summit
UMERC is a multidisciplinary initiative dedicated to advancing the frontiers of energy science and technology.  More »

A nerve modeled on a battery
NEES PI helps make new organic artificial synapse  More »

A peek under a hybrid’s hood reveals wood?
Engineers at UMD make all-wood supercapacitor  More »

Stacked nanocrystals offer a new twist on handedness
UMD physics prof control 'chirality' in tiny inorganic arrangements  More »

Cheaper, Faster and Longer Lasting: What Magnesium Iodine Chemistry Can Offer
Chunsheng Wang's research group is developing a rechargeable magnesium/iodine battery for daily consumer use.  More »

Mohamad Al-Sheikhly Receives IIA Laureate Award
Dr. Al-Sheikhly was honored at the 2016 IMRP Meeting in Vancouver.  More »

Gov Hogan Announces UMD’s Role in $65M Environmental Agenda
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has announced $7.5 million in funding to create the Green Energy Institute.  More »

UMD Researchers Find Ultra-thin Solution to Primary Obstacle in Solid-State Battery Development
Clark School researchers are developing game-changing solid-state battery technology  More »

Thin Films Prevent Corrosion in Sodium Metal Anode
Tiny layer of aluminum makes battery part longer-lasting  More »

YuHuang Wang, NEES PI, talks nanotube protection in video abstract
Advanced materials journal article displays new video abstract  More »

UMD's Technica Expected to Be Largest All-Women Hackathon in U.S.
This weekend, the University of Maryland will host an anticipated 800 women for Technica.  More »

NSF Awards $3.45M National Innovation Ecosystem Grant to University of Maryland
UMD is one of seven lead universities in NSF’s I-Corps ecosystem.  More »

Transparent Wood: Clark School Research in the News
‘Cooler than glass’ windows receive international coverage  More »

Superconductivity Can be Induced in a Kondo Topological Insulator, New PRX Paper Shows
MSE professor demonstrates the first step in making exotic quantum devices out of a topological Kondo insulator  More »

Jay, Jewell Named 2016 Young Innovators of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering
BIOE researchers look to advance delivery of therapeutics to treat cancers.  More »

DOE Awards $1.25M to UMERC Researchers to Develop Safer, Better Batteries
The Department of Energy awards UMD research on safer, better Lithium-ion battery technology as part of a $137 million investment in vehicle efficiency.  More »

Wood Windows are Cooler than Glass
A study by engineers at the University of Maryland shows that natural microstructures in transparent wood are the key to lighting & insulation advantages.  More »

White Named University of Maryland 2016 Faculty Advisor of the Year
BIOE associate chair and director of undergraduate studies honored during 21st Annual Undergraduate Studies Advising Conference.  More »

NanoDay2016 Features Inspiring Speakers, Poster Awards
200 scientists and students attend bi-annual nanoscience conference at UMD  More »

Tiny Diamonds Could Enable Huge Advances in Nanotechnology
UMD researchers develop a new method for pairing nanoscale diamonds with other nanomaterials  More »

Clark School’s Amazing Transparent Wood Featured in New York Times
Look Through Wood, No X-Ray Vision Required  More »

A View Through Wood Shows Futuristic Applications
Transparent wood made at UMD could create new windows, cars and solar panels  More »

NEES project shows hybrid battery/capacitor with off-the-charts cycling capacity

Manganese oxide-coated nanowires in gel provide steady, ready power  More »

Scientists blend coinage metals to obtain alloys better than gold
Scientists at the University of Maryland (UMD) have developed a novel method for altering the light reflected or absorbed by a material by match-making combinations of gold, silver, and copper into various mixtures of metals, or alloys.  More »

Hu and Munday Win Young Investigator Award
Liangbing Hu and Jeremy Munday win the 2016 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award.  More »

CREB Kicks Off its Research and Innovation Seed Grant Program
Collaboration between UMD, NIST, and ARL facilitated by seed grant from the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries.  More »

NanoCenter's Fab Lab gets new instrument
Thin crystal films soon to be produced  More »

You’ll Never Be-Leaf What Makes up This Battery
UMD materials scientists bake oak leaf, add sodium to cook up new large-scale battery possibility  More »

Assembly of Micro/Nanomaterials into Complex, Three-Dimensional Architectures by Compressive Buckling
Department of Mechanical Engineering Seminar  More »

Diagnosing Better Efficiencies for Solar Cells
New UMD imaging technique could yield more efficient solar cells  More »

UMD Researchers Use a Simple Stretch to Create Powerful Pseudomagnetic Fields in Graphene
Researchers Make Breakthrough Discovery in Graphene Research  More »

UMD & Army Researchers Discover Salty Solution to Better, Safer Batteries
Greatest potential uses seen in safety-critical, automotive and grid-storage applications  More »

UMERC Announces RFPs for the 2016 Graduate Student Energy Fellowships
Proposals for the 2016 Wells and Hulka Graduate Student Fellowships will be accepted until January 14th.  More »

Hu wins 2015 Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award
Shows "promise [for] significant and lasting impact" in nanoscience  More »

UMD Discovery Could Enable Portable Particle Accelerators
Innovation could hold the key to ultra-compact machines useful for materials science and medical imaging  More »

Leonard to be Honored for Cooperative Control Innovations
Alumna Naomi Leonard to be inducted into Innovation Hall of Fame on Nov. 9.  More »

Experts available for comment on upcoming Nobels
Lithium-ion batteries and nanowires are candidates for chemistry and physics prizes; UMD scientists can explain importance  More »

UMD Students Win Third Consecutive Electrochemical Society Student Chapter Award
University of Maryland Electrochemical Society Students win Student Chapter Award for the third year in a row.  More »

Mesoscale Science Research Highlighted on Materials Journal Cover
Rubloff and Lee show new direction in electrical energy storage  More »

Microsystems Graduate Student Seminar Series
Grad students and postdocs to give short talks on fabrication and characterization  More »

New Battery Demonstrates “Sweet Spot” of Electrolyte Thickness and Composition
Atom-scale synthesis makes highly conductive LiPON for solid-state battery  More »

Transparent, Interactive Nanopaper Uses Touch to Generate Electricity
New material described in ACS Nano, featured in Nanowerk and C&EN.  More »

Small Can Be Strong and Tough
The smaller the cellulose fibers, the stronger and tougher the paper they make, to UMD researchers’ surprise   More »

Physics Culture Prize Goes to Science Communicator
Lecture slated for July 28 in Stamp at 4 pm  More »

Thin coatings controlled at atomic scale protect high performance lithium anodes
Anodes with layer of alumina resist corrosion and cycle well  More »

Creating Transparent Electronic Networks with Graphene-Based Ink
Printed transparent conductors are the first to use sodium ions embedded in reduced graphene oxide to boost performance.  More »

High Energy at Extreme Battery Center’s First Meeting
New research center expands scope and draws regional experts.  More »

Members of NEES Gather for 2015 Spring Accomplishment Meeting
Poster session, in-depth discussions, presentations.... and hiking  More »

BGE's Calvin Butler to Deliver Spring Commencement Remarks
CEO of Baltimore Gas and Electric Company to speak on May 22.  More »

Food Safety, Energy Storage & Video Authentication Inventions Honored at Awards Ceremony
Three Clark School innovations win UMD Invention of the Year Awards  More »

For Batteries, One Material Does It All
Revolutionary material could create safer, simpler and more efficient all-in-one batteries  More »

Welcome to Graphene Beach!
Jiayu Wan wins Materials Research Society’s Science-As-Art competition.  More »

Sangwook Chu wins UMD GRID best poster award
Poster describes work building supercapacitor electrodes.  More »

Invention of the Year Finalist: A Revolutionary, High Density, Nanopore Battery
Research team led by Rubloff and Lee develops battery using optimized nanostructure design  More »

UMD, MIT team for new 'superhydrophobic surfaces' patent
Nano/micro surface mimics wetlands plants' ability to resist moisture, self clean.  More »

Rubloff One of 9 Finalists for UMD Invention of the Year
Office of Technology Commercialization to announce winners at the Celebration of Innovation and Partnerships, April 29.  More »

The Proof Is in the Pores
Metal-organic frameworks open new channels for energy science  More »

Atomic Layer Deposition: Precise Control Smaller than the Eye Can See
ALD gives researchers atomic-level control of films and coatings for energy generation and storage  More »

UMD Partners with Army to Launch Extreme Battery Research Center
New center cofounded by ChBE professor Chunsheng Wang.  More »

Pines Recognized with Maryland Speaker's Medallion
Annual award recognizes outstanding service to the state.  More »

'I am very humbled': Hafezi Awarded Prestigious Sloan Fellowship
Hafezi is first Clark School faculty member to receive Sloan Foundation recognition.  More »

UMERC Researchers Came Out in Force at the ARPA-E Summit
UMERC Faculty promoted their transformative energy research last week at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit  More »

UMD Hosts 3D Maryland Expert Group Meeting
Event Highlights 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing Technologies at UMD  More »

News Update on 2015 Funding for NSF
Slightly more than last year's budget, up 2.4 percent  More »

Wood Fibers in Technology: Technical Report from MRS meeting
Video of presentation on nanocellulose and nanopaper electronics  More »

News Update on FY 2015 Appropriations for DOE Office of Science
Funding holds steady for next year's budget in Office of Science  More »

Faster Charging Technique Boosts Battery's Capacity
Unique in situ measurement of optical and electrical transport led to discovery.  More »

UMD Clark School Highlights Disaster Resilience at Mpact Week
Five-day event focused on role of engineers in disaster prevention, mitigation, and response.  More »

University of Maryland Breaks Ground for A. James Clark Hall
New building to serve as hub for human health innovation in the state of Maryland  More »

UMD Clark School Announces Inaugural Awards Winners
New awards honor alumni, friends for career achievements and contributions to Clark School.  More »

Hu, Leite Named Outstanding Engineer and Scientist of the Year (VIDEO)
Materials Science professors receive awards from the Md. Academy of Sciences and Md. Science Center.  More »

New Equipment and Science Capabilities at Army Research Lab
Invitation to nanoelectronics, micro-robotics and cybersecurity collaborations Dec 9 & 10  More »

Searching for Replacements for Rare Earth Elements in Permanent Magnets
Fackler’s exploration of vicalloy using combinatorial materials synthesis wins awards.  More »

Tropical Tree Fibers Can Hold Battery Power, Say UMD Engineers
Energy-producing bacteria can nest in hollow conductive fibers  More »

UMD engineers create tiny, robust rubber micro-component.
Small, efficient and robust microdevice component sips very little energy  More »

Li and Hu Awarded NSF Grant to Study Challenges in Creating Materials that are Both Stronger and Tougher
NSF funds new research to tackle tough challenge in material design.  More »

Atomic Layer Depostion and Graphene Inspire Creative Catalyst Design
Hulka Energy Research Fellowship supports MSE student's design of new photoelectrochemical composites.  More »

Students' Improved Kevlar Soft Body Armor Wins National Design Competition
MSE seniors double ballistic resistance using carbon nanotubes.  More »

New UMD Synthesis Method May Shape Future of Nanostructures, Clean Energy
Findings advance efficient solar splitting of water into hydrogen fuel  More »

Beyond “Six Nines”: Ultra-enriched Silicon for Quantum Computing
MSE student part of NIST team pursuing near-perfect crystals.  More »

DOE Invests in UMERC Battery Research
The Energy Department selects UMERC’s solid-state Li-ion battery research to advance efficient vehicle technologies  More »

UMERC's Advanced Energy Storage Technology Selected by NASA
Energy storage research at UMERC has been selected by NASA to potentially power future space missions.  More »

UMD Researchers Bridge Gap between Microelectronics, Biological Systems
“Electronic modulation of biochemical signal generation” published in Nature Nanotechnology  More »

Discover, Create, Deploy: Professors Contribute to Materials Genome Initiative
Maryland MSE professor, alumnus co-author white paper on enhancing “materials innovation infrastructure.”  More »

Adding Lithium Boosts Transparency and Conductivity of Graphite
New material designed to boost performance of solar cells, displays, and electronics published in Nature Communications.  More »

Department of Energy renews NEES EFRC for four years
The center develops highly ordered nanostructures that offer a unique way of looking at the science of energy storage.  More »

UMD Nets a DOE Award for Innovative Energy Research Projects
Projects will help enable advances in energy production and use  More »

Room To Move: Spacing Graphite Layers Makes a Better Battery Anode
New process designed to make Na-ion batteries an effective alternative to Li-ion.  More »

Smithsonian Secretary Clough To Deliver Special Lecture at UMD
Secretary Wayne Clough will discuss "Why the Smithsonian Matters"  More »

NIH Head Biophysicist Shows Latest Nanoscale Biological Findings

Advanced electron microscopes give new view of cells, organelles  More »

Whiting-Turner Lecture Series to Feature Chasen and Chowdhury
Leading tech entrepreneurs to share business experiences.  More »

Nanopaper Featured in Nature Photonics News & Views
Article highlights Hu Group’s recent paper in Nano Letters.  More »

UMD Project Management Symposium to Feature Army Corps Director
Karen Durham-Aguilera (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) to offer feature presentation.  More »

Tiny Origami Boxes Hold Big Promise for Hydrogen Energy Storage
Graphene folds itself into programmable "nanocage" for hydrogen storage, beating DOE 2020 goa  More »

Hu Honored by American Society for Engineering Education
Professor named “Campus Star.”  More »

Transparent Nanopaper Could Make Paper Electronics a “Thriving Technology”
Zhu presents work on new material at MRS and in Energy & Environmental Science.  More »

DOE Office of Science Well-Funded in FY 2014 Appropriations
Agency's budget as expected -- or higher  More »

Two Clark School Faculty Members Receive Presidential Early Career Awards
Bergbreiter and Paley honored by the White Houseas outstanding early-career scientists.  More »

Added Molecules Allow Metal-Organic Frameworks to Conduct Electricity
UMD-headed project funds breakthroughs in electricity-conducting material  More »

Student’s Presentation of Conductive Nanopaper Featured in MRS Meeting Scene
New version composed of cellulose “nanoribbons” and silver wires can be produced using less energy.  More »

Self-Correcting, “Perfect Fault” Crystals May End Dropped Calls
Nature features Takeuchi’s, alumnus’ work on “crystalline sandwiches.”  More »

Nanowerk Spotlights Salamanca-Riba's Work with Rare New Material
Fused carbon-metal covetics exhibit high strength and polymer-like deformation.  More »

Inaugural Mpact Week Showcases UMD Innovations, Robotics, Bioengineering
Over a thousand visit College Park campus for Mpact Week events.    More »

NSF-Backed DC I-Corps Kicks Off First Cohort with 20 Federal Laboratory, University and Regional Inventors, Entrepreneur Teams
The Silicon Valley-tested, Lean Startup-based initiative is slated to train 300 top entrepreneurial research teams over three years.  More »

Call for Abstracts for NanoSciTech 2014 in Panjab, India
Abstract deadline is October 31  More »

Socio-Environmental Synthesis Research Proposal Writing Workshop Now Accepting Applications
Deadline is October 11  More »

Fischell Department of Bioengineering to Host 7th Fischell Festival
Annual event invites everyone to learn more about biomedical engineering.  More »

Mpact Week to Showcase UMD Robotics, Bioengineering, Innovation, Oct. 23-26
Events will highlight the Clark School's research, education, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystem.  More »

Clark School Engineers Recently Awarded Grants
Clark School-affiliated professors receive research funding  More »

UMD Receives Largest Ever Software Grant from Siemens
UMD students and researchers to gain access to industry technology used to design and manufacture sophisticated products.  More »

Tavis Smiley and UMD Make Last Call for Submissions in the $75,000 Social Innovation Challenge
Deadline for entries is October 13, 2003.  More »

Clark School Welcomes New Faculty
Ten new faculty members join the Clark School for the 2013-2014 school year.  More »

The Green Fellowship for Collaborative Research on the Environment
Applications due November 1.  More »

Wang Wins 2013 Junior Faculty Research Award
Research in energy conversion and storage systems serves as model for field.  More »

Former Mtech Maryland Industrial Partnerships Funding Recipient Amplimmune Acquired by MedImmune for $500 Million
The acquisition bolsters MedImmune’s pipeline for cancer therapy.  More »

NSF Grants for Graphene Research Awarded to Hu, Rubloff
Research at the nano-scale nets university over half-million dollars in funding  More »

UMD Researchers Awarded Two ARPA-E Grants for Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Systems
Eric Wachsman and Chunsheng Wang receive funding to create innovative batteries for electric vehicle energy storage systems.  More »

Submit Abstract Now for Semiconductor Device Symposium in December in Bethesda, MD
Abstract deadline is September 2  More »

Meet the Potential Future of Electricity Generation
Redox Power Systems, UMD develop breakthrough fuel cells to provide efficient, affordable electricity.  More »

Agilent Gift Funds Exploration of Enhanced Sensor Technology
Novel, patterned-gold SERS substrates could lead to new products.  More »

"Battery Made of Wood" Featured on National Public Radio (Audio)
Professor and alumnus interviewed for Morning Edition.  More »

Rabin Promoted
Nanomaterials specialist elevated to rank of Associate Professor with tenure.  More »

A Battery Made of Wood?
Wood fibers help nano-scale batteries keep their structure  More »

Bentley Discusses Alternatives to Animal Testing in PRiSM
Lab-on-a-chip devices could reduce or eliminate need.  More »

Professors Goldsman & Peckerar Win Award from University System of Maryland

USM Board of Regents Honors Three Inaugural Entrepreneur of the Year Awardees; two are Clark School faculty members.  More »

Recently Awarded Grants to Clark School Faculty
Clark School-affiliated professors receive research funding  More »

Friday Fun: IBM Releases Nano-scale Movie
“Particle man” dances in movie made of single atoms  More »

2013 Dean's Doctoral and Master?s Student Research Award Winners
Winning research papers from MSE, ME and BioE  More »

Atoms-Thick Coating Ready for First Test on Silver Artifact
Science covers efforts to protect objects in Walters Art Museum collection.  More »

FY 2014 DOE Office of Science Budget Request
Proposed funding up 5.7%; highlights clean energy, operations and construction  More »

NASA Asks Universities for Early Stage Innovation Tech Proposals
Notices of intent due April 29  More »

Chem-E Car Team Heads to National Competition Once Again!
Team Thirsty Turtles will take "Pride of Maryland" to San Francisco in November.  More »

Wuttig Honored at National Meeting of the Materials Research Society
Professor's 80th birthday, career celebrated in special symposium.  More »

UMD Scientists and Engineers Present Papers at American Chemical Society Meeting
Exploring “the chemistry of energy and food” … and more  More »

The Smallest Materials of All: Seeing, Making and Testing Materials at the Nanoscale
Presentations at the Materials Research Society's 2013 meeting showcase medical, energy developments      More »

NANOCOLLOQUIUM: Ellen Williams: A scientist's-eye view of research for sustainable energy
BP's Chief Scientist to discuss the role of research in a sustainable future    More »

Quantum Dot Commands Light
Researchers harness the quantum nature of light and semiconductors to expand the capabilities of computers.  More »

Whiting-Turner Lecture Series Features Entrepreneurs Ostrow on April 11, Citrin on April 25
Series to highlight successful entrepreneurs and leaders of Mashable.com, Redox Power Systems.  More »

Nominee for Energy Secretary a Boon for Research at the Nanoscale?
Physicist's apppointment could help maintain funding for R&D  More »

Nano ?Beads on a String? Could Advance Battery Technology
Pulsing with lithium, tiny silicon beads on a nanotube hold promise for better batteries  More »

UMD, GWU, and VT Awarded $3.75M by NSF to Launch Regional I-Corps Node for National Innovation Network
Initiative to Train 300 of the Top Entrepreneurial Research Teams from U.S. Universities, Federal Labs  More »

NanoCenter Members Present Papers at Upcoming APS Meeting in Baltimore
Largest physics meeting hosts more than twenty NanoCenter presentations    More »

NanoCenter Members Presented Papers at OPTO 2013
SPIE Photonics West conference sees three NanoCenter presentations  More »

UMD Researchers Achieve Breakthrough in Nanoprecision Imaging
Flow control of single quantum dot enables measurements with nanoscale accuracy at lower cost  More »

Flexible Nanopaper Featured in Chemical & Engineering News
ACS Newsmagazine reports innovation in nanoscale technology  More »

Air Force Supports Study on Nanopaper for Electronics, Aircraft
Hu wins prestigious Air Force Young Investigator Award.  More »

Seven NanoCenter Members Named 2013 Future Faculty Fellows
Engineering Grad Students Selected to Prepare for Academic Career  More »

Rubloff Co-Authors Major DoE Report on Emerging Energy Technologies
Publication focuses on opportunities in mesoscale science.  More »

Hierarchical three-dimensional electrode paper featured in ACS Nano
Work by Tobacco mosaic virus research team describes a novel approach for development of next generation micro-batteries.  More »

Dr. Santiago Solares Wins Department of Energy's Early Career Award
Mechanical engineering professor to use atomic force microscopy to study real-time degradation of fuel cells and batteries.  More »

2012 Energy Research Fellows Announced
Awards will fund diverse sustainable energy research projects  More »

Preventing Costly, Life-Threatening Catheter Infections
Deutsch Foundation-sponsored Clark School research offers multi-pronged attack on major medical problem.  More »

Controlling chemistry improves potential of carbon nanotubes
Nanotechnology breakthrough could lead to better batteries, more sensitive biosensors.  More »

Sometimes Size Does Matter
Rethink nanotechnology to convert a car's waste heat into electrical power.  More »

New MEMS handbook is comprehensive, practical resource for academics, engineers, students
Reza Ghodssi is co-editor of MEMS Materials and Processes HandbookMore »

YuHuang Wang Wins NSF CAREER Award
One of four awards given to NanoCenter members  More »

State Ranked Highly in Technology and Science Index
Maryland holds onto #2 overall spot; ranks #1 in human capital, academic R&D.  More »

Bad Virus Put to Good Use
In breakthrough batteries, virally structured nano-electrodes boost energy capacity 10-fold.  More »

Invitation Honors Murphy as Educational Innovator
NanoCenter member honored  More »

Iliadis Lectures on "Nanosensors for Critical Environments"
Professor Agis Iliadis gave an IEEE Distinguished Lecture on the next generation of sensors.  More »

UMD and UMass Chemists Design Cloaked, Anti-Cancer Toxin to Kill Tumors from Within
Collaboration yields promising results  More »

Galloway, Gregorczyk, Gremillion awarded L-3 Graduate Research Fellowships
Fellowships support Ph.D. candidates working in specific research areas.  More »

Takeuchi, German Colleagues Collaborate on Materials Research
Work in alloy compositions  More »

Cumings Receives DOE Grant
Nanotube research in the NISP Lab  More »

A Longer Life for Lithium Ion Batteries
Nanoparticles show promise for energy storage  More »

New Battery Research Highlighted by Discovery News, Nanowerk
Viruses used as structural template for lithium ion battery components.  More »

Friday Fun: Harvard's Nano-Garden
Harvard researchers grow garden of nanoscience delights  More »

Is It Safe to Breathe Yet?
"Double-flame" research seeks to improve soot combustion, reduce pollutants  More »

Revolutionary New Solution for Semiconductor & Nano Materials
Research may lead to alternative energy advances  More »

A Solar-Powered Circuit, But No Solar Cell Required
Breakthrough technology could lead to new light-powered devices.  More »

UM Progresses in Solar Decathlon 2011 Competition
UMD goes onto the second stage for the Solar Decathlon 2011.  More »

Stopping Bacterial Infections Without Antibiotics
Nanofactories Could Be Next Big Step in Antimicrobial Treatment  More »

Clark School hosts PowerMEMS 2009 attendees for luncheon, lab tours
Six laboratories showcased in special tours.  More »

Bar-Cohen Wins Luikov Medal
How Your Cell Phone Keeps Its Cool  More »

Reza Ghodssi Appointed Director of the Institute for Systems Research
ISR excels in cross-disciplinary systems engineering research and education.  More »

$2M for New Magnetometer Technology
MEMS/NEMS research funded  More »

Cumings Leads EFRC Nanowire Team
Research designed to increase effectiveness of lithium ion batteries.  More »

Ghodssi Receives NSF Grant for Microball Bearings Research
Research focuses on low-friction, long-life microball bearings for PowerMEMS devices.  More »

Ghodssi, Wang, Culver Awarded Nanobiotechnology Grant
Study to develop micro-fabricated batteries  More »

Ghodssi Featured in Mechanical Engineering Magazine Cover Story
MEMS microscale ball bearing research highlighted in feature article.  More »

NanoCenter Improves Energy Storage Options
Maryland NanoCenter researchers create new device to store electrical energy.  More »

Stephan Koev Wins University-Wide Graduate Research Contest
MEMS research highlighted  More »

Darryll Pines Named Dean of the Clark School
Chair of Clark School?s Department of Aerospace Engineering becomes Dean and Farvardin Professor.  More »

Ghodssi team's micro ball bearing work makes miniature machines possible
Researchers are the first to manufacture and integrate practical microscale pumps, motors and turbines.  More »

Ghodssi Named Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor
Dr. Reza Ghodssi is recognized for sustained and influential scientific and scholarly work.  More »

New Advance in Biochip Research
Microfactories for drug research are one step closer to reality.  More »

Chuang Earns Intel Achievement Award
Ph.D. Alumnus Wen-Hsien Chuang receives highest honor as employee at Intel.  More »

Engineering Curriculum Development Recognized by NSF and IOP
Program funds and institute journal supports nanotech and bio-inspired design curriculum.  More »

Desai Program Chair of IEEE 2008 BioRob Conference
Major conference to focus on impact of biomedical robotics and biomechatronics.  More »

$600K Gift Creates Hong Ji Fellowship
Donation to benefit international bioengineering graduate students, Great Expectations campaign.  More »

Ghodssi Invited to Participate in NAE Frontiers Symposium
Prof. Ghodssi among 100 of the nation's outstanding young engineers invited to the event.  More »

You're Invited: May 3 Fischell Festival
Event to highlight how engineers can improve life for millions of people.  More »

"Side Effects May Not Include?"
Clark School shows in vivo "nanofactories" can make and deliver targeted drugs.  More »

Nanomedicine Research Day 2007
UM School of Pharmacy Center for Nanomedicine and Cellular Delivery hosts first research day.  More »

NanoCenter research members receive $500k NSF MRI award
Research Professors of the Maryland NanoCenter, were awarded a NSF MRI grant totaling $500k.  More »

FDA Acting Commissioner Visits Bioengineering
von Eschenbach cites the importance of the FDA's link with the University.  More »

Fourkas Expands Ability to Fabricate Microscale 3-D Structures
UMD Chemistry professor John T. Fourkas and his team have developed a technique that allows them to create microscopic, three-dimensional objects selectively coated with various materials for use in microdevices.  More »

Ultrasensitive Proteomics to be Pursued by DeVoe, Lee, and English for NIH
The group received a $1.2M NIH grant for the work "Ultrasensitive Proteomics via 2-D Microfluidic Profiling" through the National Institute for General Medical Science (NIGMS) as part of NIH's interdisciplinary Bioengineering Research Partnerships program.  More »

Micro-Testudo Created by Advanced Lithography Techniques
Researchers in Prof. Ghodssi's group have demonstrated their gray-scale lithography techniques to create a micro-Testudo structure, a 3-D pattern of UMD's mascot.  More »

Bruck Presents Nanotech Course at ASME
Nano boot camp offered.  More »


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Publication List
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