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Marina Leite Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
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Office: 2123 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
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Marina Leite
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Hu, Leite and Mo Promoted
MSE professors honored at the 2019 Engineering Assembly.  More »

The Promise of Perovskites: Using machine learning techniques, Leite Group investigates impact of environmental stressors on perovskites.
Invited perspective published in Joule.  More »

Biodegradable color pixels that disappear completely
Vivid colors made of bio-friendly magnesium  More »

Marina Leite to Give a Plenary Talk at International Conference in Belgium
Dr. Leite will speak on Nanoscale Imaging of Materials for Energy Applications August 22.  More »

Leite Lab Combines Experiments and Calculations to Advance the Understanding of Optical Materials
Study published in Advanced Optical Materials.  More »

Four Clark School Professors Receive Competitive DURIP Grants
DURIP supports university research in technical areas of interest to the Department of Defense.  More »

Leite Group Creates Nano-sized Super-absorber, Published in Advanced Optical Materials
Such nanoscale devices could be used on sensors, photo-detectors, optical filters and radar technologies.  More »

Leite Research Group’s Invited Review Published in ACS Energy
Nanoscale imaging required for next gen energy harvesting and storage systems.  More »

MSE Research Group’s Invited Perspective Published in ACS Energy Letters
Marina Leite and her team offer insight into the future of solar cell technology.  More »

MSE Graduate Student Receives All-S.T.A.R. Fellowship
Elizabeth Tennyson will use the award to continue her research on nanoscale imaging of solar cell materials.  More »

MSE Undergraduate Wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Zinab Jadidi hopes to inspire other young women to pursue a STEM education.  More »

Sunbeams at the Nano-scale: the Next Generation of Solar Cells
Marina Leite and her team of researchers tackle hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites based on methylammonium lead.  More »

Leite Nanophotonics Research Featured on Advanced Optical Materials Cover
UMERC Prof. Leite paper is the cover publication on January 2017 issue of Advanced Optical Materials  More »

Solar cells improved with nanospheres is subject of ACS journal cover
Leite and Munday work featured  More »

Prof. Leite Awarded APS Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship
Prof. Marina Leite recieves this year’s Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship from the American Physical Society.  More »

Cover of Nanotechnology Features Work From the Munday Lab
The June Issue of Nanotechnology features Prof. Jeremy Munday student's research  More »

NanoDay2016 Features Inspiring Speakers, Poster Awards
200 scientists and students attend bi-annual nanoscience conference at UMD  More »

Scientists blend coinage metals to obtain alloys better than gold
Scientists at the University of Maryland (UMD) have developed a novel method for altering the light reflected or absorbed by a material by match-making combinations of gold, silver, and copper into various mixtures of metals, or alloys.  More »

CREB Kicks Off its Research and Innovation Seed Grant Program
Collaboration between UMD, NIST, and ARL facilitated by seed grant from the Center for Research in Extreme Batteries.  More »

Diagnosing Better Efficiencies for Solar Cells
New UMD imaging technique could yield more efficient solar cells  More »

NIST Highlights Leite’s “Battery Perimortems"
New imaging technique explains why aluminum anodes fail.  More »

Understanding Battery Failure in Realtime, at the Nanoscale
Microscopy technique reveals why and how aluminum anodes fail in Li-ion batteries.  More »

Hu, Leite Named Outstanding Engineer and Scientist of the Year (VIDEO)
Materials Science professors receive awards from the Md. Academy of Sciences and Md. Science Center.  More »

Workshop on Defects in Wide Band Gap Semiconductors Sept. 23
Abstracts due July 28  More »

Clark School Welcomes New Faculty
Ten new faculty members join the Clark School for the 2013-2014 school year.  More »

NanoCenter Members Present Papers at Upcoming APS Meeting in Baltimore
Largest physics meeting hosts more than twenty NanoCenter presentations    More »


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Publication List
  • 1. Towards an optimized all lattice-matched InAlAs/InGaAsP/InGaAs multijunction solar cell with efficiency >50%
    Marina S. Leite, Robyn L. Woo, Jeremy N. Munday, William D. Hong, Shoghig Mesropian, Daniel C. Law, Harry A. Atwater
    Applied Physics Letters, 2013-01, 102 (3)
    doi: 10.1063/1.4758300
  • 2. Mapping the Local Photoelectronic Properties of Polycrystalline Solar Cells Through High Resolution Laser-Beam-Induced Current Microscopy
    Marina S. Leite, Maxim Abashin, Henri J. Lezec, Anthony G. Gianfrancesco, A. Alec Talin, Nikolai B. Zhitenev
    IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2014-01, 4 (1), pp.311 - 316
    doi: 10.1109/JPHOTOV.2013.2284860
  • 3. Nanoscale Imaging of Photocurrent and Efficiency in CdTe Solar Cells
    Marina S. Leite, Maxim Abashin, Henri J. Lezec, Anthony Gianfrancesco, A. Alec Talin, Nikolai B. Zhitenev
    ACS Nano, 2014-10, 8 (11), pp.11883-11890
    doi: 10.1021/nn5052585
  • 4. Surface/Interface Effects on High-Performance Thin-Film All-Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries
    Chen Gong, Dmitry Ruzmetov, Alexander Pearse, Dakang Ma, Jeremy N. Munday, Gary Rubloff, A. Alec Talin, Marina S. Leite
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015-10, (), pp.151013132323004
    doi: 10.1021/acsami.5b07058
  • 5. Near-Field Optical Properties of Fully Alloyed Noble Metal Nanoparticles
    Chen Gong, Mariama Rebello Sousa Dias, Garrett C. Wessler, Joshua A. Taillon, Lourdes G. Salamanca-Riba, Marina S. Leite
    Advanced Optical Materials, 2016-09, (), pp.
    doi: 10.1002/adom.201600568
  • 6. Photovoltage Tomography in Polycrystalline Solar Cells
    Elizabeth M. Tennyson, Jesse A. Frantz, John M. Howard, William Brady Gurnarrsson, Jason D. Myers, Robel Y. Bekele, Jasbinder S. Sanghera, Suok-Min Na, Marina S. Leite
    ACS Energy Letters, 2016-09, (), pp.
    doi: 10.1021/acsenergylett.6b00331
  • 7. Demonstration of Resonance Coupling in Scalable Dielectric Microresonator Coatings for Photovoltaics
    Dongheon Ha, Chen Gong, Marina S. Leite, Jeremy N. Munday
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, -0001-11, 8 (37), pp.24536-24542
    doi: 10.1021/acsami.6b05734
  • 8. Encapsulated Object Analysis: Imaging and Analysis of Encapsulated Objects through Self-Assembled Electron and Optically Transparent Graphene Oxide Membranes (Adv. Mater. Interfaces 2/2017)
    Alexander Yulaev, Alexey Lipatov, Annie Xi Lu, Alexander Sinitskii, Marina S. Leite, Andrei Kolmakov
    Advanced Materials Interfaces, -0001-11, 4 (2), pp.
    doi: 10.1002/admi.201770012
  • 9. Near-IR Imaging Based on Hot Carrier Generation in Nanometer-Scale Optical Coatings
    Lisa J. Krayer, Elizabeth M. Tennyson, Marina S. Leite, Jeremy N. Munday
    ACS Photonics, 2017-11, (), pp.
    doi: 10.1021/acsphotonics.7b01021
  • 10. Lithography-Free, Omnidirectional, CMOS-Compatible AlCu Alloys for Thin-Film Superabsorbers
    Mariama Rebello Sousa Dias, Chen Gong, Zackery A. Benson, Marina S. Leite
    Advanced Optical Materials, 2017-12, (), pp.1700830
    doi: 10.1002/adom.201700830
  • 11. Mesoscale Functional Imaging of Materials for Photovoltaics
    Elizabeth M. Tennyson, John M. Howard, Marina S. Leite
    ACS Energy Letters, -0001-11, 2 (8), pp.1825-1834
    doi: 10.1021/acsenergylett.7b00382
  • 12. Imaging Energy Harvesting and Storage Systems at the Nanoscale
    Elizabeth M. Tennyson, Chen Gong, Marina S. Leite
    ACS Energy Letters, -0001-11, 2 (12), pp.2761-2777
    doi: 10.1021/acsenergylett.7b00944
  • 13. From Microparticles to Nanowires and Back: Radical Transformations in Plated Li Metal Morphology Revealed via in Situ Scanning Electron Microscopy
    Alexander Yulaev, Vladimir Oleshko, Paul Haney, Jialin Liu, Yue Qi, A. Alec Talin, Marina S. Leite, Andrei Kolmakov
    Nano Letters, 2018-02, 18 (3), pp.1644-1650
    doi: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b04518
  • 14. Band Structure Engineering by Alloying for Photonics
    Chen Gong, Alan Kaplan, Zackery A. Benson, David R. Baker, Joshua P. McClure, Alexandre R. Rocha, Marina S. Leite
    Advanced Optical Materials, 2018-06, (), pp.1800218
    doi: 10.1002/adom.201800218
  • 15. Multiscale Functional Imaging of Interfaces through Atomic Force Microscopy Using Harmonic Mixing
    Joseph L. Garrett, Marina S. Leite, Jeremy N. Munday
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018-08, 10 (34), pp.28850-28859
    doi: 10.1021/acsami.8b08097
  • 16. Cesium-Incorporated Triple Cation Perovskites Deliver Fully Reversible and Stable Nanoscale Voltage Response
    Elizabeth M. Tennyson, Bart Roose, Joseph L. Garrett, Chen Gong, Jeremy N. Munday, Antonio Abate, Marina S. Leite
    ACS Nano, 2018-12, (), pp.
    doi: 10.1021/acsnano.8b07295
  • 17. Structure-Property-Performance Relationship of Ultrathin Pd-Au Alloy Catalyst Layers for Low-Temperature Ethanol Oxidation in Alkaline Media
    Joshua P. McClure, Jonathan Boltersdorf, David R. Baker, Thomas G. Farinha, Nicholas Dzuricky, Cesar E. P. Villegas, Alexandre R. Rocha, Marina S. Leite
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019-05, (), pp.
    doi: 10.1021/acsami.9b01389
  • 18. In Situ Optical and Stress Characterization of Alloyed PdxAu1–x Hydrides
    Kevin J. Palm, Joseph B. Murray, Joshua P. McClure, Marina S. Leite, Jeremy N. Munday
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019-10, 11 (48), pp.45057-45067
    doi: 10.1021/acsami.9b14244
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