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After many years of planning, the Maryland NanoCenter's AIM Lab is nearly completing the meticulous process of installing a state-of-the-art Aberration Corrected TEM/STEM (AC-TEM). The Jeol NEOARM 200 system includes a field emission gun, energy dispersive X-ray (EDS) and electron energy loss (EELS) spectrometers, 4D STEM camera, IDES Relativity, Synchrony and Luminary systems and several fast and high resolution cameras for acquisition of images and data.

With this new system we will able to characterize the structure and composition of materials with atomic resolution. It will also be used to perform in-situ experiments of particle growth and sample degradation under the electron beam or using a laser with the IDES Luminary System in conjunction with the IDES Relativity and Synchrony system. The laser is used to induce changes in the sample. The IDES Relativity is used to increase the scan rate of the camera to investigate ultrafast transitions in the sample.

The 4-D STEM will be used to obtain electron diffraction patterns at every pixel as the electron beam is scanned over the sample. It will be used to analyze strain in materials such as quantum materials and electronic devices whose properties are strongly dependent on strain.

EDS and EELS spectrometers will be used to obtain quantitative information of the composition of the sample at the atomic level.



  • High Brightness Cold FEG
  • 30-200kV
  • HR Pole Piece for maximum flexibility between analytical and resolution optimization
  • IDES Technology integration
  • Dual, large-area SDDs for efficient EDS collection
  • Highly stable probe current
  • COSMO Automated Corrector alignments




  • Column and Corrector alignments provided at 30 kV, 80 kV, 200 kV
  • Resolution of .23nm in TEM
  • +/- 35/30 degrees of tilt in X/Y

STEM Cs-Corrector

  • CEOS ASCOR – Second-generation, higher-order corrector
  • Enables high-resolution imaging with large convergence angles and high probe currents
  • JEOL COSMO automated Corrector alignment routine


IDES Technologies

EDM + Synchrony

  • Electrostatic shutter enables ultrafast beam blanking and dose modulation
  • On-the-fly dose control while maintaining atomic resolution imaging
  • Programmable (pixel-by-pixel), user-defined dose management


  • Electrostatic sub-framing to enable high-speed (kHz) frame rates
  • Integrated with TVIPS XF416 for in situ analysis
  • Data output in (common) hdf5 format

Luminary Micro

  • Compact Specimen Photoexcitation System
  • Laser introduced onto specimen with small spot size (< 40 µm FWHM)
  • Localized in situ observation of sintering, growth, melting, and other heating or optical phenomena


In-Situ Specimen Holders & Data Integration

Axon Core & Synchronicity Pro

  • Full Session metadata collection
  • Automated Specimen Drift Correction

Axon Dose

  • Faraday Cup and Precision Electrometer
  • Automated Beam Current Measurement
  • Automated Recording of Dose Profiles During Imaging

Fusion Select

  • MEMS chip specimen holder
  • Joule heating chips for fast specimen heating experiments
  • Electrical chips for biasing measurements

Poseidon Select

  • MEMS Liquid Cell holder
  • Integrated Gamry electronics for electrochemistry measurements

Atmosphere 210

  • MEMS Gas Cell holder
  • RGA Mass Spectrometer with integrated vacuum and mass-flow controller

February 15, 2024

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