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PML Post Doctoral Associates

Welcome Post-docs! This subsite of the Maryland NanoCenter will serve as your administrative portal to the University of Maryland. Here you will be able to fill out your timesheets, report your publications, download travel request forms, look up contacts, and report research efforts for your annual report.

Point of Contact

Your point of contact for the anything regarding your position will be Faculty Research Assistant, Roxanne Defendini (rddef@umd.edu, 301-405-5013).

For New Hires

Please read this memorandum on administrative issues working with the University of Maryland NanoCenter.



You will need to fill out and submit a monthly timesheet reporting hours worked each day. Contact Nancy Boone (nboone@umd.edu, 301-405-5039) to get the lastest timesheet form emailed to you. Fill out the form as per the instructions on the form and send back via email, fax, or postal mail to Nancy.


Report any journal publications submitted, in preparation, in revision, in press, or published during your time with CNST.

Please email Roxanne Defendini, rddef@umd.edu


Annual Report

You will need to maintain a record of your research activities on the UMD annual review site: https://apra.umd.edu. The information in this form can be updated at any time, but must be updated in a final form every spring, usually with a deadline around March 1. You will receive an e-mail reminder of this deadline at your UMD e-mail address. It is very important that you update and submit the form by the deadline.

You will also be asked to submit an annual summary of your research accomplishments for the annual progress report for the Cooperative Research Agreement. This will be a short write-up at a level accessible to general readers and including some attractive graphics. You will work with your NIST mentor in developing the report contents. We will provide more information as the due date for the report approaches.

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