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This state-of-the-art pulsed laser deposition MBE Facility is for the combinatorial growth of multi-functional oxide thin films and nanostructured materials. In situ (RHEED) and ex situ (STM/microwave microscopy) analytical tools are employed to obtain atomically resolved information on structure/composition gradients and fine tune the composition and process parameters.

Instrument Designations:

  • Pascal Inc: Custom-designed UHV-Laser MBE Facility
  • Intematix: Hybrid STM and Near Field Microwave Microscope

Multi-mode Microscope

Key Specifications:

UHV-Laser MBE:
  • Thin Film Star (Coherent Inc, Excimer Laser)
  • Base pressure ~1x10-9 Torr (Main chamber), ~1x10-7 Torr (Load lock chamber)
  • 6 target carrousel
  • Susbtrate heating system; Laser heating up to ~900ºC
  • Custom-designed masking system for fabricating combinatorial libraries
  • RHEED (Pascal Inc)
  • Automated by LabView
Multi-mode Microscope:
  • Multi-mode Imaging
    • Topography
    • Tunneling Current
    • Microwave Impedance (complex permittivity)
    • Ferromagnetic Resonance
  • Range of Acquisition Parameters for STM
    • Bias Voltage: -10 V - 10 V
    • Current: 10 nA
    • STM Spatial Resolution: 1Å
  • Acquisition Parameters for Microwave Microscopy
    • Microwave Frequency: 2.5 GHz
    • Microwave Power: 10dBm
    • Microwave Impedance Spatial Resolution: 1 µm
    • DC Magnetic Field: -1000 to 1000 Gauss


Dr. Ichiro Takeuchi

Lab Director


(301) 405-6809

Colleges A. James Clark School of Engineering
The College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

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