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  1. Register on our website

    The Equipment Scheduler system is integrated with this website allowing 24/7 access to make reservations.

    If you haven't already done so, please register on the website. This registration will be used to make your reservations.

    Click here to Register

  2. Set up your billing account(s)

    Billing information is required prior to making any reservations or working in our labs.

    Internal Users

    If you are a UMD faculty, researcher, or student please submit the following request form.

    Internal Billing Account Setup Form

    External Users

    If you are a non-UMD faculty, researcher, or student, government, or industry member please submit the following request form.

    External Billing Account Setup Form

  3. Training

    Each lab requires some basic user training on the safety policies and standard procedures.

    Additionally, some tools will require training and authorization before being allowed to schedule time and use by yourself.

    Contact the lab staff (AIM Lab Staff, FabLab Staff) to schedule your training sessions.

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